BGMI MOD APK v2.8.0 (Unlimited UC, 101% MOD)

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Publisher KRAFTON, Inc.
Category Action
MOD Features Unlimited UC, Unlimited Money
Version 2.8.0
Size 990 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0 and up+

BGMI MOD APK is a good action game that has been developed by India. This game has been developed by India’s famous software company Krafton Inc. BGMI is a battle royale game in which many high-quality features are available. You can download and play this game on any good gaming device. You can play this game on a smartphone, laptop, computer, etc.


This is a popular game which has been liked very much. Ever since the PUBG game was banned, the BGMI game has been liked the most. You can also download the latest and new versions of this game from this website. This is a premium website on which you will get premium versions of all apps and games.

If you want to play such a game so that you can easily entertain yourself and you can also play it with your friends, then I would suggest you download this game. You can easily play this game with your friends. In this game, you can create a team of four of your friends, whereas in its Arena mode, you can also add eight of your friends.


Battleground Mobile India is the most popular game which is liked by many people. Till now this game has been downloaded more than 100 million times. The biggest reason why this game is liked the most is its high-quality top-rated features which attract everyone.


The graphic quality of this game can also be changed, which means you can set the graphic quality according to you. If you have a good high-quality gaming device then you can keep the graphic quality at Ultra HD or Full HD. But if you have a normal or basic gaming device, then you can change the quality of the game to HD or HDR.

In BGMI MOD APK, you get many features for customization, which means you can set the game according to you. The player can set all the controls of his game according to him. The controls given in it are very simple which you can set as per your choice.

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BGMI Mod APK Features

Many changes have been made in the new update of the BGMI App and now new locations have also been added to the game, due to which playing this game has started becoming more fun. You can play this game in different modes, which means different locations and multiple modes are given in the game, due to which playing this game is very enjoyable.

Explore New Places

After the new update, many new locations have been added to the game, due to which playing this game has become very fun. Now you will find many new types of places in this game which makes the game very attractive. You can easily play BGMI MOD APK for free. Its most updated and latest version has been shared on this website which makes the BGMI game very good.

Next Level of Adventures

This is a very good game in which you have been given many types of adventures which enhance the beauty of the game even more. You can play this game very easily with new adventures. Because of the good and beautiful features in the game, it is very fun to play.

Customize Graphic Quality In BGMI MOD APK

The feature of customizing the graphic quality is also given here, which means that you can set the quality of the graphics in this game according to you. In this, you will get different types of graphic qualities, out of which most people play the game on HDR. HDR is a good graphic quality, along with this, those who have a good gaming device can play the game even on Ultra HD.

Play online with your friends

You can play BGMI MOD APK online very easily and can also add your friends to this game. In this game, everyone has a unique user ID, by entering which you can easily add any of your friends. But you will be able to add your friend to the game only if he is interested in playing the game with you. Because you can only send him friend requests.

Customize Your controls

You can easily customize the controls of your game. To customize the controls, you will first have to go to Settings and then click on the Controls section. By clicking on the control section, you can set the controls of your game as per your wish.

Unlimited UC

You have been given many features in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. But if you download the game from this website then you will get many extra features. Unlimited UC is given in BGMI MOD APK due to which you can buy many things in the game. With this, you can also upgrade the Royal Pass of your game.

Why Should Download Battlegrounds Mobile India?

If you want to play a good game and want to download such a game that you can play while talking with your friends, then I would suggest you download Battlegrounds Mobile India. You can also play this game while talking with your friends. This is a good game in which you can make a team of four of your friends. With this, in this game, 100 players are sent to a battleground.

All the players have a team of four people and whichever player survives till the end wins the game. Many locations have been improved in the BGMI MOD APK. Along with this, many new places have also been added which make the game very attractive. The high-quality battleground given in this game is very popular which will help you a lot.

Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK Download

To download Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK you have to click the download button. After clicking the download button, you will be able to easily download the game. After the game is downloaded, you have to install it and then you can open it and play it easily on your device. Before downloading this game, you have to keep in mind that the RAM of your device should be a minimum of 4 GB.


Can I download this game On PC?

Yes, You easily download this game on PC.

Is BGMI available in India?

Yes, It is an indian game and anyone can easily play this game.

Last word

If you want to play a good game and you have a good gaming device then you can download BGMI MOD APK. While downloading this game, you have to keep in mind that many people have become addicted to this game, which is why you should play this game on your own responsibility and not play the game for too long.

BGMI MOD APK v2.8.0 (Unlimited UC, 101% MOD)

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