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InstaPlus Mod APK v24 (No Ads) Free Download

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Name InstaPlus Mod APK
Category Social
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Version 24
Size 43 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0 and up+
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InstaPlus Mod APK is a modified version of official Instagram in which users get many more features than official Instagram. Users will get many features in this app, like privacy features, customization options, media download capabilities, multi-language support, enlarged DP, and tracking your followers.

InstaPlus Mod APK

Those who are not satisfied with their Instagram and need more features then you can download this Instagram. It is a modified version of official Instagram in which you get many more features from Instagram. Here, you also get the feature of downloading media, which is missing in official Instagram.

Along with this, this app provides you extra privacy, so you can easily use Instagram with good security. If you chat with your girlfriend on Instagram and want to keep it private, you can make the chat private and lock it.

What is InstaPlus Mod APK?

InstaPlus Mod APK is a viral platform that you can use easily. You will be able to enjoy many features in this app. This app gives you good privacy and security. Along with this, here you get a user-friendly interface that works very well with you.

When you put your DP on official Instagram, you cannot put the entire DP there; you have to crop the DP. But in this Instagram, you can also set the DP of your full photo, which looks very beautiful, and your ID seems completely different. Along with this, you can also track your followers in this user-friendly interface. And you can find out how many people have visited your Instagram now.

You get many more features in this app, like hiding your status. Also, if you want to see someone else’s status and do not want that person to know that you have seen his status, you can enable that feature here. Along with this, you can create multiple accounts here.

Autoplay Videos Customize Settings

Many features for customizing videos are available here, such as you can customize the quality of any video and watch it in low quality or high quality. You can keep the video quality as per your choice. Along with this, you can also download any video from here.

Download Videos and Pictures

You cannot download any video or picture on official Instagram, whereas InstaPlus Mod APK allows you this. User will be able to download any photo or video through this quickly. You can download the video in your preferred quality and save it on your phone. After downloading this app, the user cannot download any third-party video downloader.

Track Your Followers From InstaPlus Mod APK

All Instagram users want to know about their followers. You do not need to work hard for this because Instagram Plus keeps tracking your followers and gives you complete information. It will tell you how many people have followed you this month and how many people have unfollowed you.

Hide Your Private Preference

You are an Instagram video creator, and keep uploading your videos on Instagram. But if you want to save some videos private, then here, before publishing the video, you are asked if you wish to keep the video private or whether you want to make the video public. Whatever privacy feature you select at that time.

Multiple Account Support

InstaPlus Mod APK allows you to create multiple accounts. You can create an unlimited account from here. This app is very secure and provides a lot of features. Considering the privacy, It is liked by many people.

Advanced Comment Controls

It has an advanced feature to control comments. You must have seen that everyone shares opinions in words whenever a person uploads his post on social media. Some people speak ill of you in the comments, and some praise you so that you can remove useless comments from here through the advanced control feature.

Ad-Free Experience

Users using Instagram Plus do not have to see third-party ads repeatedly. All the third-party ads have been removed here, and you can now entertain yourself easily through this app without interruption. Instagram Plus is a perfect app, considering your privacy and safety.

How to Download InstaPlus Mod APK?

You can download this app for free from this website. There is a new version of it on this website, which has many features. You can use this app for free. In this, you will get many more features from the official Instagram. This app is excellent, considering your safety and privacy. Its modified version is available here, so you will not have to see third-party ads repeatedly.

InstaPlus Mod APK FAQs

Is Instagram Plus safe? 

If I tell you that Instagram Plus is more secure than official Instagram, you won’t believe me. But friends, when you download this app and see its privacy and safety features, you will realize for yourself that Instagram Plus is more secure than official Instagram.

Can I download videos from Instagram Plus? 

Yes, Instagram Plus allows you to download media. It lets you also easily download photos, videos, posts, and stories.

Last Word

If you want to download the modified version of Instagram, you have come to the right website. From here, you can download its modified version for free. InstaPlus Mod APK is everyone’s favorite, but it can be downloaded only on Android. You cannot download Instagram Plus on any device other than Android.

InstaPlus Mod APK v24 (No Ads) Free Download

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